What is

Sam, fueled by her obsession with the deaths of those close to her, researches ways to contact the dead. She stumbles down a dark internet path, finding a message board with users discussing a house in the mountains that supposedly has some connection to the afterlife. However, no one who has visited the house has ever returned. Left with seemingly no other option as her obsession consumes her, Sam seeks out the house to find out for herself - no matter the consequence.Heartworm is a game about the memories we keep and the ones we wish we could forget. It marries cinematic fixed camera survival-horror with low-rez, retro 3d graphics, a surreal suburban setting, and a chilling original soundtrack. These features combine with an emotional and psychologically-focused narrative to compose a nostalgia-charged love letter to late 90s genre progenitors Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dino Crisis.


Reviews and Press

Heartworm is whip-smart, and tightly made — a real gem”
“...like the first Silent Hill right down to the tank controls with a protagonist who looks like she stepped out of the OG Tomb Raider.”
- PCGamer
“...a nostalgic horror game...”
- Kotaku
"...a spooky adventure about unearthing buried memories..."
- PCGamesN
"...dark survival horror through Silent-Hill-esque fog..."
- EuroGamer